CFile Username ( MOC6 day 17 User name CFile)

CFile Username ( MOC6 day 17 User name CFile)
cfile, Jan 17, 2018
Kate Hadfield | Weekend At Home Papers (solid white)
Kate Hadfield | Sketchbook Pages 3 (black paper)
Kate Hadfield | Big School (Locker, books. molecules, globe, paper airplanes, protractor - Altered locker I made from reg. locker)
Kate Hadfield | School Days Overlays (science)
Kate Hadfield | All Sports Alpha (CFILE - temporarily not in store)
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Exactly 150 words Journaling:
"In 1998 when I first found the internet, I was involved in Delphi forums for I was the administrator of the site for my High School. Everyone from HS would only know me by my maiden name, so my sign in for everything was, and has been, CFile. C for Christa and File for my maiden last name. I try not to use anything on the internet with my married last name for privacy reasons. Funny before being married, and when I was working, I would sign things CFile & I found things would get copied and sent to be filed in the filing cabinet! Truly a fond memory. Since I use FaceBook a lot for High School connections I like to only have 1 account for both HS stuff, artwork, graphics and all of the forums. My Nephew also has CFile for himself as he is named Christopher. CFile"
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