Art Journaling-Monthly Muse -October-Week#2-Frizzy Hair...Don't Care

Art Journaling-Monthly Muse -October-Week#2-Frizzy Hair...Don't Care
RJMJ, Oct 24, 2019
Whoa!...So Many Wonderful & Amazingly Candid Layouts!...Bravo! To Everyone Who Bared Their Soul!...I'm So Used To Bearing My Soul Here At The Lilypad When It Comes To My Emotions About My Own Mental Health & Physical Health Problems...I Have Created Many Layouts About These Things...So I Decided To Take A Different Approach To This Challenge...There Are Sooo...Many Things That I Don't Like About Myself...I Could Make A List A Mile Long...But I'm Not Gonna Get Into That Here...We All Have Things That We Don't Like About Ourselves...So I Decided To Take A More Humorous/Halloween Approach To My Layout...I Literally Hate My Really Annoying/Drive Me Crazy Everyday...Out Of Control...Full Of Fly-aways...Frizzy...Partially Flat...Gigantic After Blow Drying..Semi-Curly Frizzy Hair!!!...It Takes So Many Steps Just To Get It Ready For My Diffuser...First Shampoo & Conditioner... Then Rinse...Then Dry Oil(To Control The Fly-aways & Frizz)......Then My Gel For Lift At The Middle & Crown(And Everywhere Else For Some Construct Of Control...)...Then The Tedious Blow Dry With The Diffuser...But Oh!...Don't Move The Hair Around Too! Much!!!!...It Could Create A Gigantic Mess!!!...Then After All That...The Styling Then Comes Into Play...& Then The Finishing Spray To Hold It All Into Place...Geez!...No Wonder I Just Don't Bother Most Of The Time...Up In Barettes & A Small Pony...When At Home...It Literally Drives My Crazy,Kills My Arms,Legs & Back In The Process...But Hey!...I Don't Like To Complain Too Much...Since A Couple Of Years Ago...I Almost Lost All Of My Hair...It Just Started Falling Out In Gigantic Clumps...I Almost Died 2 Years Ago After Blood Clots In My Legs Traveled Up To My Lungs & Burst...It Knocked My Flat On My Back...On The Bathroom Floor...I Hit The Doorknob On The Way Down With My Face...I Woke Up On The Floor & Couldn't Move Or Talk...I Literally Thought I Was Paralyzed...Like I Had A Stroke...I Died On The Floor & Was Revived By Paramedics...& Died 2 More Times At The Hospital...The Doctors Brought Me Back Both Times...They Said It Was A Miracle I Survived...I Nicknamed Myself "The Purple People Eater"...I Was Purple From The Forehead Down To My Bellybutton(Including My Arms & Stomach)...For Weeks After...I Swole Up Like The Good Year Blimp Too...Recovery Was Long & Arduous...Weeks In The Hospital,Therapy & Lots Of Medications...And After Surviving All That...Weeks Later After My Hospital Stay...All My Hair Started To Fall Out...I Remember...I Cried For Days...My Precious Hair Was Falling Out...I Thought I Was Gonna Die All Over Again...But I Got Treatment & Slowly But Surely Over Time...My Hair Started To Grow Back...It Took Almost 2 Years Before I Can Say It Looked Half Decent Again...It Was Healthier & Curly!!!...I Had Straight Fine Hair All My Life...I Thought I Was Dreaming...Or Maybe A Side Effect Of My Treatments...But Still Curly Even Now...But I Didn't Know How To Take Care Of Curly Hair...It Came As A Big Shock To Me...All The Maintenance...But Despite All That...I Do Love My Red Curly Hair When It Is Properly Styled...But Getting There Is The Challenge...So To That End...I Took A Tongue-In-Cheek Look At My Big,Red,Curly Hair...& It Slowly Morphed Into A Fun Halloween Layout...I Love How It Turned Out...But It Took Me Multiple Days...Off & On...To Complete It Properly...So Many Layers(Eventhough You Can't See Them All...But They Are There...) & Many Kits Later...So That's Why The Delay In Completion...

*For My Frizzy Hair...Don't Care Layout-I Used:

*Ravens Pastiche/The Raven Twins-Elmira & Elvira & Xander By Night-Rebecca McMeen
*Scary Cute/This Month Captured:October 2016-Bundle & Resin Bits 9 Halloween-Mommyish
*Create Crate Monthly-Toil & Trouble-October 2017-Bella Gypsy/Kristin Aagard/Mommyish
*Create Crate Monthly-Bohemian Fall-September 2018-Bella Gypsy/Kristin Aagard/Becca Bonneville
*Artist-Sabrina's Creations
*Falling Slowly-Collection-Bella Gypsy
*Autumn Sonata-Paula Kesselring
*Boo-Mini-Tir Amisu Design
*Trick-DSD 2019-Collab-Oscraps

*WOW!...Weird...I Just Realized That I Used 13 Kits/Bundles To Complete This Layout...13 Is My Lucky Number!...And It Has Come Up A Lot In The Past Few Days/Weeks...Wonder What That Means?...Spooky!...
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    • Dalis
      Your blends and textures are so cool!
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    • MrsPeel
      my dear Rhonda.... I know I can always count on you for bringing in depth meaning as much as playful visuals with your pages!!!!! what an explosion of Halloween colors, theme, fall feel,so appropriate for the month, the blending in parts playful, others bordering scary still fun with sweet touches all over ....the light that comes from the rays of white in the background give it even more strength...and being transparent with your feelings is something I used to do a lot with my pages.... and you remind me & inspire me to work on going back to that!!!!! And, maybe we can't see all the layers but honestly I see the amount of work here....and the results are great!!!!! like I always say, we have the blessing, the power that makes us turn terrible, difficult subjects, issues, events into beautifully composed pieces of art, fun or emotional, full on or talk with blank space (ok, don't think nor you nor I do much blank space, but I know you have done in challenges and it was great!) There is so much I keep learning about you, both in visuals and your journalings, plus a couple of chats we had privately..... and my admiration keeps growing...and I also feel that there are many of you who can "have my back" as we have similar health issues.... I didn't know the full extent of your ordeal, and it breaks my heart that someone has to get through so tough, almost cruel things....but it makes me admire you and love the way you are present here even more.... I see you always composing pages and sharing your story with a supper positive, even what I would categorize as happy way to tell us, and still showing how much you stand up straight in emotion and strength.....in a less full on way (I have to apologize for the delay in getting bacl here too) we also have that in common , the red curly hair!!!! my red is from the bottle (mine used to be deep black when younger) and the curls have relaxed with the years of tying it up or using hair straighteners..... maybe one day we ll get together to have some coffee and take a selfie of us!!!! that would be amazing!!!!!!!! Once again, apologies for the delay, and thank you so much for playing with us!!!![​IMG]
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    • RJMJ
      @MrsPeel ...OMG!...You Are My Constant Light Of Live/Love & Inspiration!...You Have Practically Brought Me To Tears With Your Kindness,Light & Lovely Comments Here...I Know It Can Be Difficult For You To Sit & Type This Long Message To Me...This Touches My Heart Even More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...You Have No Idea...I Have Been Going Through Some Really Bad & Difficult Times Lately...I Feel Like Things Are Never Gonna Get Better Some Days...And Then Here You Come & Shine Your Amazing Light Into My Life Just At The Right Time/Moment!...You Give Me Strength Like I Can Never Explain...I Would LOVE To Meet Someday!!!!!!!!!!...That Would Be A Dream Come True For Me...But Travelling Is Not Something That I Can Do Well These Days...But Perhaps Someday!...You Make Me Believe That Things Can Get Better Somehow!...Hugs & Love Always...:ballonhang :bk :cloud9 :dancebun :heartslub :love :grouphug :yourock

      P.S...Full Disclosure: My Red Hair Is A Box Color! Ha! Ha! Ha!...& Slightly A More Relaxed Curl Too!!!...:D
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    • MrsPeel
      My dear girl...now you got me to tears and a HUGE grateful heart!!!! and, yes, Faith & Hope have taught me that, to a certain point, almost everything is possible.... it has gotten very difficult for me to travel too (not just the physical impossibilities but the inflation and £££$$$ that sky rockets tickets!!) but not completely impossible..... I assume for some reason you are in the States? anyway, for the time being, we can have each other's back here at this wonderful family of ours... I know how much a gesture from a scrapper has changed my life for the better, many girls here have saved me in different times where things se3med to be ready to plunge into darkness, and here I am, so, count on me if you think it can help... I not always am able to answer soon, but I will be there for you at trhe soonest possible, with all my heart
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