Aladdin The Camel

Aladdin The Camel
QuiltyMom, Jan 2, 2022
Project Mouse: Christmas - Papers, Artsy, Elements
Project Mouse: Adventure - Papers, Elements

Journaling: Aladdin the Camel was once again at George Washington's Mount Vernon this Christmas season. He is there because in 1787, George Washington paid 18 shillings to bring a camel to Mount Vernon to entertain his guests. He recorded it in his ledger as such: "By the man who brot. A Camel from Alexa. For a show . . ."
So, keeping this in mind, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association has kept on the tradition of bringing a camel to the estate at Christmas, and he's always a joy to see. This camel's name is Aladdin. He was born in 2007, is 7 feet tall, weighs 1400 pounds, and resides in Berryville, Virginia when he's not greeting guests on the estate. 24 December 2021

My 10 elements were:
1. Background paper
2. Frame
3 & 4. Scatters (2)
5. Word tag
6. Stitches
7. Title
8. Swirl (the little snowflake bits I extracted from the swirl and gave them a shadow - I hope that's okay!)
9. Camel stamp
10. Green Snowflakes
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