January 31: Then + Now (the last day!!)

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    Thank you for hosting. Thank you for a great challenge.


    kit: White Christmas by Kristin Aagard https://the-lilypad.com/store/digital-scrapbooking-kit-white-christmas.html
    template: The Best Is Yet To Come Dressed Up by Fiddle Dee Designs https://the-lilypad.com/store/The-Best-Is-Yet-To-Come-Dressed-Up-Digital-Scrapbook-Template.html

    journaling (244 words):
    While kids grow up and believe in Santa Claus. I have been very lucky to have the same Santa Claus for my kids every year. Now in 2017 my kids are bigger but we still go see “the real” Santa at the mall and he will find a magical way of seeing my kids outside of the mall as well just as he did back then in 2015 when he showed up at our house. He has come to our house since back in 2012. Now five years later, he keeps the tradition going on. I am so happy for our friendship and the time that he gives to my kids every year at Christmas. I loved their surprise then and cherish every moment that we keep it on now. I look forward to the tradition continuing as long as we can. I know some day the magic may fade but I am trying to keep the magic as long as I can. My daughter asked me if Santa is real and I told her that as long as you believe in Santa that you see the real one but when you stop believing then you see Santa’s helpers. She told me she believes because the real Santa comes to our house and he knows everything. Thank you Santa for making our Christmas memories from back then and now. You truly make our Holiday Season. We love you and the magic you bring daily.

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    *updated layout w/ photo dates
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    Well, FINALLY, I finished the final challenge. I'm WAY late, but I did complete them all! Woot!


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