You and Me Together

You and Me Together
grrfluudy, Oct 27, 2014

This is for October One Word Challenge - Together

Journaling Reads - If you would have told me in before 2006 that I would fall in love with a Dog - let alone a pug - well, I’d tell you you were a few dots short on your dice. I have always been a cat lover. And terrified of dogs, especically since I got bitten by one at 3 years old and chased to school by barking dogs in 6th grade. When, in 2006, Angie and Robert said they were getting a pug, I was like, ‘Seriously?! Eww. They are creepy looking! And their eyes can pop
out!\' But then I met My furry nephew. He has the softest ears ever. He’s not yippy at all. And he’s so funny and quirky. He is definitely good thereapy for me. He makes me feel better when I am depressed. Callms me down when I am fearful or upset. At first I said there is absolutely NO WAY I would let him sleep in my bed., because when they went to work they didn’t want to make him get up. Then I’m like, ok, but not under the covers. And then one day Angie overheard me say to him, ‘ Do you want to get under the covers, sweetie?” She found that pretty funny. Yep, my furry nephew has his auntie wrapped around his paw. And I wouldn\'t have it any other way.

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    • HeatherB
      Aw, what a sweet photo of you + your "nephew"! :) He's very cute, and I really like reading your journaling. So fun with all the different doodles on your page. 
    • mirjam
      you and your nephew are totally adorable. And who could say no to a face like that!!!
    • zinzilah
      I know just how you feel, I disliked dogs, really and truly couldn't find anything good about them, and then my father brought home a tiny puppy that would with time grow into a doberman, and she was the most loved doberman ever. Love the doodles you added to the page. And your love story
    • Saar
      This is such an adorable page. Loved reading your journal and that photo is too cute!
      My uncle is getting a dog like yours too. Can't wait till he has him.
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