Wizards in Training

Wizards in Training
Janelle12, May 15, 2023
This is a picture of my kids dressed up as Harry, Ron and Hermione for Halloween in 2016.

“Wands at the ready,” “wizarding,” “swish & flick,” castle, wand, glasses, broom, lightning bolts, deathly hallows symbol, doodle sparks, stars and footprints: Project Mouse: Wizarding Artsy by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs - Project Mouse (Wizarding) Artsy | by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio (the-lilypad.com)

“alohomora,” “mischief managed,” expecto patronum,” “riddikulus,” “leviosa,” and platform 9 ¾ doodles by Poofy Cheeks

Border by Miss Fish
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