Tween Girl

Tween Girl
dotcomkari, Aug 6, 2014

I am looking at you differently these days. You are my first born and I am accustomed to looking at you as a child, with child-like interests and child-like behaviors. And while you still possess many of those interests and behaviors (stuffed animals and cartoons and the not-so-occasional temper tantrum), I can almost see you growing and maturing. The physical growth is obvious … you are an inch and half taller in the last couple of months, and I barely have to look down to talk with you. You seem to be thinking and feeling differently too. You think a lot, actually, often hesitating before you speak to make sure you choose your words correctly; to express yourself accurately. And you are a watcher. I sometimes forget how much you watch, and therefore how much you see. I wonder then, as you are changing and growing, if you look at yourself and the world differently. You will often comment on your younger brother and sister as “children,” which gives me pause as I mentally correct you that you are still a child too. But then I know that I will always see you as my baby, my child, my first, even when you will be a man and independent and on your own. I also wonder if I seem different to you? Are you looking at me with a different pair of eyes? Here’s what I hope for you, and for us, as we move through this next stage of life. I am (somewhat) prepared for the changes at hand. I know you will adopt new interests, gain new friends, crave more independence and separateness, think deeper and differently. But I hope … scratch that .. I know, at your core, you will always be the thoughtful and enthusiastic person whom I have seen and loved from the day you were born. I am with you, always.

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