Ride Along
Vrielinkie, Aug 18, 2017
We went on holiday to Northern Italy & Southern France. This photo was taken while crossing the border to Italy through the French Alps. It's a famous route with lots of hairpins. We only took it due to the lack of tunnels (my boyfriend has epilepsy, so they're a risk) and we read some great reviews. It was awesome indeed: great vistas, good road and great hairpin curves. There's also this really clear blue lake at the highest point. I took this picture from the passenger seat in the rearview mirror.

The page was scraplifted from this awesome page.

I used:
- Off We Go | Full Kit by Amber LaBau
- Off We Go | Pocket Cards by Amber LaBau
- A New Day | Elements by Amber LaBau
- City Sidewalks | Full Kit by Amber LaBau
- FONTS = Jenna Sue Regular + Keep Calm
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