Rachel Jefferies August Mixed Media Challenge

Rachel Jefferies August Mixed Media Challenge
Cherylndesigns, Aug 5, 2022
There are 3 of Rachel's kits that are very meaningful to me. Trust The Journey, The Path I'm On and Look Deep Into Nature. They all released about the time we made our big move out to the country and it was a major lifestyle change! I was so awestruck with the beauty - the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and just the wonder everywhere I looked. I used parts of these three kits on my page.

Trust The Journey Thrive: Collab Kit | Collaboration Digital Kits – The Lilypad (
The Path I'm On: The Lilypad :: Bundles + Collections :: The Path I'm On: Money Saving Bundle (
Look Deep Into Nature: The Lilypad :: Bundles + Collections :: April '21 BYOC Money Saving Bundle (
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