new collection

new collection
*gina*, Jan 1, 2020
MOC 8 - Day 1 Blind Scrap

Black and White… Only {Elements}
Black and White… Only {Papers}
all by Paula Kesselring Designs
photo: Pixabay / Nika_Akin

Recipe for the challenge:
1 photo - centered on the top
2 frames - both behind the photo
3 bows/ribbons - 2 ribbons along the papers and 1 bow below the left corner of the photo
4 papers - 3 papers behind the photo, 1 background paper
5 flowers - on the below the left corner of the photo (created with photoshop shapes)
6 leaves - 3 leaves under the bow, 3 leaves upper the right corner of the photo (created with photoshop shapes)
7 lines of journaling - in the right corner below
8 additional elements - (3 paintings behind the papers, 1 stitching on the left side of the photo, 1 painted border, 1 button near the flowers, 2 different sequins)
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