Katherine B

my whole heart

my whole heart
Katherine B, May 30, 2016
"my whole heart"
for Sahlin Studio

I held an angel in my arms today,
a precious babe snuggled against my breast.
And my heart was overwhelmed with so much love,
as she lay contentedly at rest.

I watched her as she slept so soundly,
gazed at her cherub face in sweet repose.
I marveled at her tiny features,
like her dainty shell-like ears and button nose.

I brushed my lips against her downy head,
Her skin like velvet to my touch.
I gave thanks to God above for His priceless blessing
of this little angel girl I love so much.

The birth of my grandchild has awakened,
a joy that my soul cannot contain.
From day one my heart's been captured by her,
firmly caught and held by love's strong chain.

Sahlin Studio: Me and You * * NEW * *
Melon Sorbet (dotted paper)

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