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Journaling : words 329
Here is the story of our first cat to my sister and me!
We called him Mouchi, he was all black with big green eyes!
I was 8 years old and my sister was 12 when he came into our lives!
We were walking back from school my sister and I, when we saw on a wall a cat that didn't seem shy and was meowing softly, we petted him, it must be said that Anick and I dreamed of having a cat but mom thought we already had a dog and that was enough! The cat started to follow us but we managed to lose him!
The next evening, mom came back from shopping and told us that a cat was following her and that she couldn't get rid of it, that it was behind the door and big surprise, it was the cat that we had petted the day before, we begged mom to keep it, we thought it was lost and it was winter, it was cold outside and that's how, to our great pleasure, Mouchi came back in our life!
Of course we investigated around us and where we had seen him for the first time but nobody seemed to know this cat and he seemed to belong to nobody, for my sister and me it was a gift from heaven and we were happy to be able to keep him!
Our dog Blitz, was sulking, he didn't want this new companion but they soon became inseparable, and they slept together!
Mouchi was an extraordinary cat, he seemed to understand everything and one day he came back with another cat that he accompanied to his food bowl and he let him eat quietly!
This cat always surprised us by his behavior and by the love he had for us

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