jjpederson125, Feb 2, 2021
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Journaling Says:
When we were young and just married, what did you expect it to be like?
Lane: I fully expected that it would be like we were dating all the time. Nothing hard, just easy breezy. It didn’t take real long to determine that it would be like dating every second of every day.
Jennifer: I expected that there would nothing we couldn’t weather because LOVE can fix most anything (Cut me some slack....I was a young one when we married)

Was there any part that was better than you had expected?
Lane: The joy of always coming home to someone after a day at work or having someone to be home with on days off.
Jennifer: Having children was a greater joy than I could have ever fathomed.

What worked well in our first marriage?
Lane: The early years of our first marriage was spent together. We did everything together, even walking the dogs, but then we had kids and I walked the dogs alone and there just wasn’t any time to just be us anymore.
Jennifer: I agree that those years where we were able to go do an activity together, drive somewhere, discover new things were a good way for us to connect.

What do you wish would have been better?
Lane: I very much believe our marriage would have survived the hard times if I had been more content in my employment.
Jennifer: I wish that once we havd children we would have still found ways to creating a “dating” atmosphere for ourselves once in a while. We lost us in the hustle of life, the raising of children and our jobs.

What was the hardest part of divorce?
Lane: The intense loneliness was the worst part of being divorced.
Jennifer: Not being able to protect the children from the pain, not just our heartbreak, but the breaking of theirs too.

If we had to go through it all again, would you?
Lane: If it was the absolute only way to get to where we are now, then yes, I would do it all again. Ideally, I would have liked to have been able to figure it out before we and our children suffered the deep hurts.
Jennifer: If it was a requirement to get to where life is today, then yes..but if not absolutely necessary, I’d think there is a better way to learn, grow and mature.

What works well in our current marriage?
Lane: A more teamwork approach to the household that we did not have before, plus are children are older now which makes it easier for us to get a night out for supper, or able to just sit and visit.
Jennifer: We are now a team. Its no longer one on offense, one on defense. We are both working towards the same goals and I could not be more proud of us!