MOC8 day17 - fear terror pain

MOC8 day17 - fear terror pain
Farwen, Jan 20, 2020
For the MOC 8 (2020) January 17 - Hindsight is 20/20 Journaling Challenge


Confession time: I have always had a bad relationship with teeth, brushes, toothpastes and consequently with the dentist.​
The fact that things are directly proportional to each other (less dental care equals more meetings with the aforementioned specialist)
it helps even less ... And then dear Nilla (thank goodness this is the only positive note: I have a splendid dentist, good, prepared,
with golden hands!) she always told me that my teeth are so close that it is very easy for a caries to attack the teeth next to it
(of course imagine the scene: I, torture chair, mouth wide open, inarticulate sounds "eo o i aiao aae iee", I swear to you that
in my head there were more consonants, and it sounded more like "and of course we don't miss anything")!
But I've always been good on that chair, a patient model. And I've never missed or postponed an appointment.
But once ..... Ok, I didn't have children but I'm sure the pain was like that of contractions (I don't want to go further,
even if who can say it ??) and who are you to tell me that maybe it is a bit exaggerated? WHO ARE YOU?? Ehhh ??
Pain for days at a molar, I hit my head against the wall, I swear! But woe to name me the dentist: fear, horror, panic!
Why logic told me: but if, not even touching it, this little b%st$&d kills me, when Nilla starts to drill, anesthesia or not, I will see the stars!
Oh well, you guessed it: abscess! Antibiotics, appointment as soon as possible, torture chair, drill and ....
The birds sang, the sun was shining, the bells celebrating! Another confession moment: I practically did not feel anything!
Now I don't even remember how many days of suffering I spent because I really didn't want to know, now I don't even remember
suffering to be honest. I would have liked to know, but that's what they say, hindsight is 20/20!"

more than 300 words
(p.s. my friend Google T. helped me with this, so blame 'him' for the mistakes/typos :D )


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    • cfile
      ha ha Francesca.. I agree.. I do not like dentists nor regular doctors either except for the eye specialist and dermatologist I go to.. LOL... re the dentist, I know the horrid thoughts of going and once that hour is over you think why was I so nervous and dreading it LOL.. I had finally at the age of 54 FINALLY had my wisdom teeth removed. I chose to have it done all at once so while I was knocked out I would feel nothing... LOL It worked perfectly :) Anyway I love the hanging tooth with the dental tool and all the comic strip goodies to show off the fear and horror of your feelings. I love the angled composition and loved reading your journaling.. well done my friend. Glad you got it taken care of and no longer in pain :)
    • MrsPeel
      oh man (woman LOL) this is spectacular....I LOVE that you filled the page, I LOVE that the whole thing is amazingly put together with colors that for me are usually difficult (meaning I may have to lift this page!!!!) plus, I am with you all the way.....only my dentist changes, NHS has it's advantages but also...anyway, wont go on about my stuff, but my dentist saga ended up with me with no teeth left LOL (well at least am 61 so...not all that bad LOL) anyway, this is spectacular and needs to be shared!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      into the January Froggy Faves!!!! [​IMG]
    • EHStudios
      I have this same fear, but unlike you I've put off appts forever! I think this year I need to get on it, but so freaking worried! I need my wisdom teeth removed badly! UGH!! Love your humor here!! Great LO!!
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