MOC6-DAY#5 People-less Page

MOC6-DAY#5 People-less Page
mummyd, Jan 5, 2018

while taking the children round Banham zoo in the summer holidays
we stood waiting to see some of the big cats
when this beautiful girl came and stood right up the viewing area glass
for me to take a picture, just wish I had my big camera instead of
my phone as the picture could of been so much better
ain't she beautiful.

kits used are
HOW IT BEGAN ELEMENTS | by one little bird
Grace - Collaboration by Sara Gleason and Lynne-Marie
love you more by forever joy design
LIVING COLOR by forever joy
We Are Storytellers by Sara Gleason
Good Things by Sara Gleason
At Week's End by One Little Bird
Per Diem by Sara Gleason
Character Study by One Little Bird

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