MOC6 - 9. Letter To Myself

MOC6 - 9. Letter To Myself
Roxana, Jan 9, 2018
Rebecca McMeen - Greer
Girl on the bike -

"Dear Future Me,
Whatever you are doing right now, I would ask you to stop. Right now! Outside is warm and sunny and you’d better pull some sports pants, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and get outside. Oh, yes, take the bicycle out of the basement and take a long ride with it in the park. It would be better to let other things go, to let those around you deal with themselves a little bit. You can’t carry on your shoulders everyones worries and problems. Enjoy this beautiful day, take some time off, you and me with our thoughts and feelings. I know it's hard to get away, but you have to learn that sometimes you have to put yourself in the foreground. Enjoy! You have enough time to do what you like, so don’t stress yourself that much. You lose everything that's beautiful aroud you this way. Stop and enjoy yourself! Life is short and you have to enjoy every moment. You have to keep your soul young and childish and enjoy every little and little thing, smile to yourself first and after that around you, spreading confidence and happiness.I will try, from now on, to do exactly what I’ve advised you, so it will be much easier foryou at that point, because it will already be a reflex!
I love you and we will see soon!"
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