MOC29 Highlights Katell

MOC29 Highlights Katell
katell, Jan 31, 2021

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This morning we take a cab to the car rental center near the airport. There is a micmac, and the employee introduces us to a sedan, while we have reserved a 4x4 . We grumble and start to get angry....At the end she leaves to rummage through her files and comes back with the key of a 4 X 4 , a red Vauxhall Crossland! We put our suitcases inside, it takes a while to see how it works.... and we head for the HIGHLANDS! We regret very very very quickly our choice of a manual gearbox: the road is very tight, winding, it's very complicated for G. to manage at the same time the road on the left, and the gear changes! We used to drive on the left side of the road with our own car, during our previous trips, but now it's a real test of strength on the small roads of the Trossachs. After a Fish and Chips break in Aberfoyle, we are happy to take another break on Loch Lomond!
Luckily for us the roads are wider and less dangerous the following days!

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