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Honeybee by Kristin Aagard (Background, white flower paper, stitched tab)
Happy New Year by Kristin Aagard (baby, clock, mask and light orange paper)
Leaf Raking by Kristin Aagard (white paper clipped to lines)

Info Newsletter Templates by Scrapping with Liz

journaling: Tina - This is Words from You to You in 2018. Dear Future Self, I wrote this to you on 10January2018. 2017 has been quite a year. We moved out of our house and into our apartment. We love to travel and can’t wait to show you in the scrapbook pages how many places we go in the future. NOTABLES: This year we are going to go grow so much. I have learned to forgive me for the mess I made of our path back when we gained our title Mother. I have learned that God truly has a plan for us. Do not let people judge you or say you were wrong and I should have done things differently for our future. I have carried that burden enough for my past and for your future. We will learn that we live the life as God guides us. Don’t let our kryptonite come back into our lives. He truly loves to say something and then forget he said it or tell you as we have in the texts. If he said that than he would have to say he has the right to change his mind. I know you love him and I have loved him and accepted him for who he is but believe me with my eyes wide open. He only intends to cause harm to us. He intentionally has hurt and ruined my New Years, Valentine’s and Christmas. We owe each other to have confidence in we know as the Mom what is best for our daughter. We don’t have to always be nice and share because he has shown through his actions that he will bite us for being nice and allowing him into our daughter’s life. He will use our words against us. He will say what he has to take our happiness away and then tell us over and over it is our fault. When he gets angry he forgets that he tells us he loves us and wants us. He instead refers openly to his mom and to his family that we are his one night stand that won’t go away. Please keep the focus I have been doing and focus on our beautiful children. I have taught them the importance of manners and keeping their word. I hope that when you read this you will be able to smile and say yes we did a good job and we will continue to and remember to stop and add to my million of pictures and keep scrapbooking our daughter and our son so we can turn back through the pages and read them to us as I do now. Please don’t forget to keep the pictures of their school work for them. I think they will love looking back and seeing their hand writing change. Remember the day, baby girl told you look at my new handwriting yesterday. Know, I hope this never changes of us, I am proud of us. I may have a hard time smiling right now but I am proud that I live for our children and they truly are my world and I promise that will always be so I hope that in the years when you read this you smile and say I was so right and I am happy that I put it in this letter to us. When baby girl loses more weight we will be happy I am so happy the fact I stuck to my commitments and took her to the dietician and she stopped gaining two pounds a month and started losing weight. I am so happy that our baby girl follows my foot steps and says how she sees it. I hope she continues that especially after enrolling her into confidence classes this year. Knowing me, reading this in years it will make me smile. I hope we still smile at this and look forward to starting this as a tradition to write to my future self so my current self can get it off my chest and my future self can be reminded of our triumphs and smile at the moments and the kids can read it and see who I was at the time and be proud beside me of our triumphs. Like baby girl says about me. After all I keep everything not objects because I cannot keep clutter and refuse to hoard in the house but I can keep pictures of the objects and memories of the great moments in life and the not so great also. I am so happy I have took the motto of the year for us is “Dear past, Thanks for the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready!” It truly is my motivation to let go of things that I cannot control and accept their failures because it truly is their loss and their failure, not mine. I will carry on and I will be happy. Those that are not happy will either learn to find the silver lining or they will learn to be negative somewhere else but not in my household. We are positive because positive brings positive and success. Remember you deserve to be happy. Your children bring you happiness. It is either the entire package or not at all. No more false promises. No more making plans to break the plans. No more waiting to see. It is now onward and upward. You deserve to enjoy life and the burden is of your shoulders. You wore the cross for your actions, now let him wear the cross for his actions. I hope that when you my future self reads this that you are still clear of this kryptonite and are smiling and laughing like you were before when you had walked away from him. Go dance in the beach of life. Enjoy tipping your toes in the water with the waves. You will see the tide go in and out as that is a part of life but you are choosing to keep your head floating above the wave. You will continue to as long as you believe in yourself. Please don’t ever forget that because it took me many years to realize it and I hope that I always maintain that in my heart. Love always, Your Present Self. Highlights: Enjoy Life - Believe in YOU - Remove Negativity - All or None
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    • jenn mccabe
      wow! you journaled so much! this will be such a treasure to read one day in the future and the page design is just so creative. fabulous take on this challenge!
    • Dalis
      that picture of you it's so free and alive, love it!
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