MOC10_Day_1_That day we met

MOC10_Day_1_That day we met
zotova, Jan 2, 2022
1/ This 'n Thats | Elements by Pink Reptile Designs

2/ Focus On What Matters | Papersby Pink Reptile Designs
3/ Font: La Calston
4/ Photo by Cottonbro

That day we met, you were standing right by the water, I noticed you from afar, I remember, I was immediately drawn to you, I thought, "Wow, how strange, a man is standing with his back, and I am drawn to him ..."// Jotl Barish – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

10 elements:
1/ bead_tiny_heart
2/ messy_thread
3/ doodle_border_frameddots_sticker
4/ doodle_arrows
5/ confetti
6/ label_fabric_heart
7/ striped_texture_stamp
8/ paint_splatter
9/ doodle_triangle_texture
10/ paper
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