MOC 27 Ten Things About Me

MOC 27 Ten Things About Me
kimingvtx, Jan 29, 2022
Template: Fiddle Dee Dee - !0 Things 2 DU
Most Paper and Elements: Bella Gypsy – This is Fine
Stack of books: Bella Gypsy – Where You Lead
Peace Symbol: Little Butterfly Wings – Just Breathe
Dice: Kristin Aagard - Homebody
Word Strip on #10: Bella Gypsy - Yo’ Self Collection

10 Things:
  1. I love cozy mysteries

  2. I make my bed everyday before leaving my bedroom. The house may be a mess, but my bed is made!

  3. My “uniform” is black pants, skirts, capris, or shorts with a colorful top.

  4. I really do like Algebra and tutored it for many years (also tutored Geometry and Pre-Calculus). As a numbers gal, I also love Excel and Google Sheets.

  5. I am an enneagram 9 - The Peacemaker. I am very anxious when there is conflict in my home or at work. I try to bring peace to my surroundings.

  6. I would rather read an ebook on a kindle than a regular paper book.

  7. I did not like my best friend when I met her.

  8. I work the NYT crossword almost everyday.

  9. I have played bunco with the same group for over 20 years (although some ladies have left and others have joined).

  10. I have learned to love myself at any size.