MOC 22 | Dreams Do Come True

MOC 22 | Dreams Do Come True
mirjam, Jan 22, 2016
That AMAZING challenge ad got me all inspired and my first goal was to try an mimic that sketched drawing with a photo of my own and I am SO pleased with how that turned out! Then I mimicked the letters from the top left image from the ad by adding 3 letters from different alpha's to my top left pic. To mimick the texture of the top right black triangle in the ad I used a photo of our staircase!

I love the originial ad SO much that I tried to keep the overall look pretty much the same. the only thing that really isn't in the ad is the circle tab with the date that I added at the bottom of my page.

take note collab with studio basic [G], plastic alpha by sahlin studio [M], true to yourself [&], labels & tags [circle label]
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