Love You Through The Years

Love You Through The Years
dotcomkari, Apr 13, 2020
Sahlin Studio: Grandma's Dresser
NBK: Delightful Layered Torn Pieces
Amy Wolff: Urban Fusion
Lynn Grieverson: Heartfelt Paint
Kim Jensen: Torn Tape Dates 2

Looking back through the years, I cannot help but to smile. You have been my constant, my rock and my everything. I know that I don’t always show it and I definitely don’t vocalize this enough, but I am so grateful to have you in my life. I want you to know how much I love you. I know that I’m not the person you fell in love with anymore and though you say you aren’t waiting for her to come back, its okay if you are on some days. The girl that you fell in love with was a lot more lovable. She was relaxed, silly, and bubbly. She was spontaneous, exuberant, and full of life. Things have changed; we have changed: I’ve gotten more anxious over the years. I worry about things, I obsess over small details, and I am more rigid and closed off. You see flickers of the “old me” come back sometimes, but I need you to know that for the most part, that girl is gone. You love me and stand by me despite the significant changes I have gone through these past years, and I will always respect you for that. You have held my hand and comforted me when my world came crashing down so many times I lost count. You have had the tough conversations when I know you didn’t want to. You saved my life more than once, by just being there for me. I don’t know how you were able to think clearly during those times and how you survived it…. But you did. We did. You are the kindest, most genuine man I know. You make me laugh and still make my heart skip a beat when I am around you. Some days I can’t comprehend what I did to deserve your love and I hate myself for vehemently rejecting it when I’m scared and full of fear. I push and push and push, but you never leave. I love you for that and I hate you for that all at the same time. I know that I’m complicated, but you accept that. You still chose to make me yours through all of these years of chaos and sometimes joy. You love our weird dog…even when he wakes you at 3 am to poop. You’ve stepped up to the plate when you didn’t have to as a father figure to my children, and you made a home for us. You still want to have a family with me, because you believe in me. In us. Your faith in our relationship and your ability to be optimistic is nothing short of astounding. Thank you for being my life partner and for always being there for me. Together we will continue build a beautiful life together. I will always love you. Never stop dreaming, hoping, and loving…
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