January 9 - Year 2021 In Review

January 9 - Year 2021 In Review
G.J., Jan 16, 2022
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Year In Review - Storyteller December 2018 Add-On
Year In Review
I Heart Fall
Storyteller March 2018
I used from Little Butterfly Wings
Butterfly Basics - New Year Edition (Word Art)
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Journaling reads:
Jan - We started the year in lockdown
Feb - A couple of blizzards & tons of snow
Mar - Unusual rainy days at end of March
Apr - Deep spring cleaning
May - We tried to eat more veggies
Jun - Our garden is full of roses and flowers
Jul - We found some berries in the forest
Aug - On our way to the lake
Sep - Our roses look pretty even in fall
Oct - First day of month & fresh fallen snow
Nov - Now everything is covered by snow
Dec - Our city traditional Xmas decoration
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