AnotherAmanda, Feb 10, 2019
Feb. 2019 - Journaling Challenge - Interview with 5+ questions
Fonts - CK Ali's Writing, Catholic School Girl, Dragon Is Coming
Journaling - What's your name? Benjamin. (Double fist bump)
How old are you? (Confused chin tapping....) Need new trucks.
What are you doing? Playing hide and seek in front. (You like hiding things in the center console and then closing the lid)
Do you want to go to the Lizard Restaurant (Dos Coyotes)? Yes. Want cheese and crayons.
Should we go home? (After refusing to go into the lizard restaurant) Yes. Go home. Play trucks.
Elements and Papers - Yay For Friday (Sahin Designs), Memorable, A New Start (Sabrina's Creations), MPM Memoir (Collaboration), Highs and Lows (Sahlin Studio), Good Times, Daily Routine (Pink Reptile Designs)
Styles - Shadows, Metal Rim, Sticker Nov. 2018 BYOC (MOmmyish)
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