I Will Never Forget This
lorryfach, Apr 30, 2014

When I was in high school, about the age that most people started learning how to type, electronic typewriters and home computers were common enough that most people my age did NOT learn how to type on an old-fashioned typewriter. Most of them learned on keyboards instead. As luck would have it, I DID learn on a typewriter - a pink Royal from the 50s that my mother grew up with and held onto, for whatever reason. For those of you who learned on keyboards, you missed out on the experience of missing a key and getting your fingers caught in all that space between levers, and the joys of pressing a key 99% of the way down, but not getting that lever quiiiiite far enough to strike the paper with enough force to actually transfer ink. In fact, my pinky fingers were too short and too weak to type on a typewriter, and thus I learned to type without using my pinkies at all. It took years and years before I was able to retrain myself to use my pinkies, and I still heavily prefer my other fingers when I type. My pinkies are mostly used for shift and enter, and not for letters, since I learned to type on all the letters without them. At least now, my pinkies don’t stick staight up in the air like they used to, so I wouldn’t get them caught in between the keys!

Vintage Angles vol 7 by Amy Martin available at The Lilypad; Remember by HGD by Laurie Ann available at The Lilypad; Stated elements by Sara Gleason available at The Lilypad; Fonts: TheVintageTypewriter by Heather Joyce available at The Lilypad
    • Angie4b1g
      I'm madly in love with that typewriter. And also, I learned on a typewriter, in typing CLASS. #old  
    • scarletsierra
      I love that typewriter too!  Love the angling here in your composition and I love your journaling of back story.  The pops of soft pink are the perfect addition of detail and accentuate the lovely pink of the photo! Wonderful page!
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