Focus on Success (MOC8 Day 11 Vision Bd)

Focus on Success (MOC8 Day 11 Vision Bd)
cfile, Jan 11, 2020
MOC8 Day 11 Vision Board
Forever Joy | 20/20 Page Kit
Forever Joy | Life's Journey Page Kit (collab w/Amber LaBau) (success wa & gold stars w/noise filter applied for glitter)
Fiddle Dee Dee Designs | Shadows Dressed Up
Valorie Wibbens | A Bit Worn #7 (word strips)
Total 20 items:
Under to do: 7 items (calendar for G&P, Finish MOC, Dr. Visits, PS/PSE Tutorials, See family, Work on Art w/Copics, Read More)
Under Priority: 5 items (De-Clutter house, Scrapbook Trip, Exercise, Lose the extra weight, Photography)
Under Looking back**: 5 items (I married my BF, Have a nice home, Job promo to OE, Quit smoking 2014, Retired at 50)
Under to See Again: 3 items (VB Zoo, Plan another trip to the UK, Williamsburg)
**Constant review of my looking back:
I look back to keep focused for current. ie: re smoking.. I have to keep my eye on that as it would be very easy to fall back on that and many other accomplishments- like watching what I spend, because if I spend too much I will have to go back to work and thus no longer be retired... same with promotion... that is reflecting that I can rise above as long as I keep focused... marrying my best friend - to keep my marriage a happy one, and to keep up with cleaning and taking care of our home so it will remain nice.
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