First Jobs - Interview with Jamie and myself

First Jobs - Interview with Jamie and myself
adriablack, Jan 30, 2021
MOC 9 - Interview about the Past Challenge
I interviewed my husband (Jamie) about his first job & also answered the first job questions about myself (Andrea).

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Journaling: (524 words)
What was your first job?
Jamie: Geifman's was a big grocery store with a meat department and all that kind of stuff. The Geifman's I worked at had access to the back part of Flynn's Beverage, which was where everybody got kegs and stuff. You used to be able to go to the grocery store and get kegs at one point in time.
Andrea: I worked at Bobb Chiropractic Center for my dad and step mom. It was a Chiropractic office and I worked up front with my step mom doing filing and paperwork and scheduling. Those kinds of things that the front staff does in a Doctor's office.
When did you start there?
Jamie: 1984-1985. I was 13 or 14 yrs old. I had to have my permit signed. It was my first job with a real paycheck. Prior to that I worked a paper route and for my grandfather. I was a bagger. I had to bag up groceries, push the cart out and load their vehicle and then bring the cart back in. It was all paper back then. We had plastic bags like what you use for produce now that we would put meat in so it wouldn't leak onto the other stuff. They used to give out green stamps like a rewards program and you could trade them in for different stuff. Cool stuff. Like stereo systems and nice stuff.
Andrea: I was 15, I think. So 2001 or so.
How long did you work there?
Jamie: Six or seven months. It was only a couple hours a night after school. They closed early in the evening around 5 or so. You even got tips helping people to the cars!
Andrea: I worked there about a year until I turned 16 and then I got a job at McDonald's. It was only a few hours a night after school. We usually closed by 5 or 6 depending on what of the week it was.
What town did you work in / Where was the place you worked?
Jamie: The one on Rockingham Road in Davenport, Iowa. It's now a Hyvee (2021). There used to be a pharmacy across the street.
Andrea: Bobb Chiropractic was in Silvis, Illinois.
What was your favorite part about the job?
Jamie: The tips were my favorite part.
Andrea: The money was probably my favorite part. At the time I was shooting a lot of film photography, and Cosgrave Pharmacy where I got my film developed was right around the corner so I could go and spend some of my money there. It was a lot of filing and dealing with paperwork. I also learned how to do xrays and develop those films. My dad wanted me to learn more of the patient care aspect, but I really didn't want to touch people for massage or deal with people in general. I was really shy as a kid.
How much did you make?
Jamie: Under $5 an hour. I think it was $3.35 plus tips, which was Federal Minimum wage in 1984.
Andrea: I made $5.15 an hour. It was Illinois minimum wage at the time.
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