Day 26 Remembrance

Day 26 Remembrance
jam-on-toast, Jan 26, 2022
Dogs Digital Kit - Storyteller November 2017 Add-on

Journaling - 581 words.

I thought this was going to be an easy challenge - as I've been meaning to scrap my notes from three years ago for some time now.. and I definitely didn't expect for this page to turn out so full of sorrow and I even comtemplated redoing the layout - I have 12 years of happy memories with her - but in the end I dicided not to leave it as it is. Apologies if my journaling is not as eloquent and might be incoherent at times - words desert m and I can't seem to edit it without crying...

Peggy was one of us for almost 12 years. She had been a gift for Honza‘s 13th birthday and even though - technically- she was his dog, essentially she was ours. We got her in Jakarta, Indonesia and she traveled with us to Shanghai, Prague, Moscow, Finland and Brno. And to Sweden for a New Year’s Eve. And to Austria for Christmas. And countless times to Croatia to visit Blanka. In other words, she was always with us, wherever we went.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take her with us to Hangzhou because she was too old for the long flight and the subsequent quarantine in China. And so she stayed with Honza for two and a half years. After we came back to Europe, there was no doubt about her moving in with us. She was with us on our first night in the new house on February 22, 2017. And just like before, she went with us wherever we went. In the last seven months of her life she traveled to Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland and Russia.

In spring 2017 it seemed she would be with us for a long time. She was healthy, her blood tests were perfect and she looked younger than when we had been away. But nature and old age are unforgiving. Something happened over summer. She started drinking more and more water, her breathing was heavier than normal and she was shedding less and less. It didn’t seem important at first… but when we took her to the doctor in the beginning of September, they found multiple tumors in her liver and other internal organs. Lymphatic cancer being the most probable cause meant she had a few months left to live. If not weeks.

It was a hard blow for everyone. Although still looked the same, it was obvious she was slowing down. The vet said Peggy had very high tolerance for pain and her heavy breathing was the only indication she was suffering. The prescribed pills - and the cheese they were wrapped in – worked for some time, but all they did was make her a little more comfortable. There was no cure.

We tried to make her last weeks as nice for her as possible. Peggy had unlimited cheese, salami and other treats. So much so that every time we opened the fridge she'd get up and walk into the kitchen looking expectantly. It was no need for the leash anymore, she was neither interested in the outside world nor physically able to, but she seemed to enjoy the freedom she never had. Peggy may have been dying, but she was by no means senile and would use her condition to manipulate us into more cheese and extra belly rubs on countless occasions.

By the end of September she was reluctant to eat her dog food, drank so much water (up to 6 L a day), she had to be taken out every couple of hours - nights included, and was panting all the time which meant medicine was having less and less effect.

On the way back from the fantastic weekend in Slovakia she started suffocating. It was with heavy heart that we took her to the vet fearing the worst. Her lungs were being flooded and she would not have survived till the morning. The very last thing they did in her life was to try a new treat. She stayed true to herself, nibbling on a piskot until her heart stopped.
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      Oh Olga, what a beautiful tribute and memories of your Peggy. She truly was a member of your family. What a wonderful and loving life you gave her, and from your journaling it sounds like at the end of her life she was living in Heaven with all the freedom of everything from food to being free from a leash. She sounds throughout her life to have enjoyed her travels with you. What a lucky pup to have traveled the world! I love how you kept this simply accented with the blended photo of Peggy blended into the background, the wonderful title work and that everything is with black elements to match her photo. Thank you for sharing and so glad you got to journal about your special pup. Thank you for playing along with the MOC day 26 tribute challenge!
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