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What are some of your memories of Grandpa?
Kim: I remember driving on his lap to the farm. I remember him singing songs and telling stories the whole way there and back. I remember going up on to of Ladd Canyon and cutting wood for the winter. I remember gathering eggs and feeding cows with him. I remember looking for deer with him and his special signal of squeezing my leg when he saw one and I say “DEER” even though I hadn’t seen it yet. I remember eating chicken bones with him and he would tell me that was his favorite part of the chicken. I remember driving to Canada with him and Grandma. It was our special trip together. I was sleeping in the back and it was dark and late and I woke up and the air conditioner was blowing full blast and it was freezing in the car and he had goosebumps. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was tired and so he was trying to stay away by freezing!
Krissy: I remember Ky and I staying with grandma and grandpa when mom and dad went to math conferences and playing in the garage on the saddles like we were riding horses for hours. I remember when Talon was a small child and he took us to Wayne and Penny’s and Ladd Canyon. Talon stepped in some cow poop and lifted up his foot saying “W H A T IS T H A T?”and grandpa was laughing hysterically at him. He let Talon (who was 5 or six at the time)“drive” all the way home on his lap and the road was winding and no edge and I was dying in the back, thinking we would never make it home, but they were laughing and having a jolly good time. I remember when we were all at branding and the two bulls started fighting and Randy was trying to block grandpa from the bulls but he just went right up to them and hit them with his canes and we were all freaking out like “eeek, he’s going to die!” I remember my graduation party and Dad and Grandpa and Grandma were sitting at a picnic table eating dinner. Someone got up from the picnic table and it started to tip. Dad and Grandma had their dinner dumped all over them, but Grandpa was calmly holding his plate up, nothing dropped or spilled onto him. I remember shortly after he had his stroke going to his Stake Conference and him getting released as the Stake Financial Clerk and them saying that he had had that calling for 37 years and they just didn’t know how they were going to survive without him.
Ky: I remember him sharing little quiz things with me like U R A Q T, he liked sharing things that were cleaver. I remember him telling stories. I remember riding Cocoa just like him. I remember his white pick-up truck and going to the farm. I remember he always had babies/kids surrounding him which he much preferred over talking to grownups. I remember him being super organized…his boots, his water jugs, always prepared and always putting things back in their place after he was done. I remember him always showing us his envelope with “rattlesnake eggs” in them and scaring the kids.
What were some of his favorite things?
Kim: Telling stories, helping his grandkids “look for deer” (squeezing their leg over and over until they said there’s one knowing full well, they had no idea where one was), showing us cleaver puzzle like things. His barn cats. Handing out ice cream bars. Keeping track of his cows by naming and counting them and recording it in a little book. His rattlesnake tail collection and his arrow head collection.
Krissy: Bologna sandwiches, his barn cats, his cows, especially Tamey
Ky: puzzles, ice cream bars (eating and handing them out).
What did you like most about him/learn from him?
Krissy: He always gave me a kiss goodbye on my lips
Ky: His cleaver sense of humor
Kim: His gentleness and his quietness