Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews
dotcomkari, Aug 7, 2014

Having Autism Kai often gets stuck one thing. May it be cars, WWE or his love for football. Kai has always been a huge football fan so it wasn’t any surprise when he decided that for Halloween 2013, to be his favorite football player of all time, Clay Matthews. Living in Wisconsin the Packers love runs deep in a lot of young boy’s veins. Kai has always had a very special place in his heart for the Packers. For gosh sakes you can’t go anywhere in our town without running into Green and Gold. His soon to be step-father, Eric even has a Packer tattoo! Green and Gold is even worn to church on Sundays during football season! Finding Kai a Packer Costume to wear for Halloween wasn’t hard at all. After all, he already had a Clay Matthews jersey... make that TWO. We found the matching pants and packer helmet on sale at our local Wal-Mart and he was set. Slapped on a little dark eye shadow under his eyes and he looked like a real tough football player. Of course stopping at all the houses here in Cheese Head country everyone complimented Kai on his amazing costume choice and they all knew exactly who he was before he could tell them! Kai was so proud of himself! After all, he truly is Clay Matthews’s number one fan!

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