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michele hillam, Jun 12, 2018
Kate Hadfield - June 2018 Template Challenge,
Doodled Paper Alpha, St. Paddy's Pranks, Edgy paper
We buy our TP in bulk, often
having many rolls around at
one time. Christian loves it
when we need to break open
a new package. With his many
toys, he still loves to play
with the toliet paper rolls. We
will find “masterpieces” in
interesting settings throughout
the house every day. We still
don’t know how he reached
the counter height tower...
purhapse, he had some help
from dada. It brings a smile
to our faces to step into a
room and find another toilet
paper sculpture. Who knows
where this might lead? Maybe
we should lock it up before he
becomes a teenager! Age 22 mo.
    • bellbird
      this made me laugh! he is indeed a master builder or future engineer! love the doodle t.p. roll ellies too! too funny!
    • cfile
      I am giggling Michelle!! I love the title and I love the photos... so precious an so glad you documented this .. especially for the future comparison! I love all the doodles too of the o'ss that look like tp. So fun and yup Justine is right.. looks like a future engineer! Fun page!
    • fanon
      This is too funny ! Congratulations to the artist !
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