Catch The Dream

Catch The Dream
Cherylndesigns, Aug 23, 2019
My GD Ava sent me a picture the other evening showing me these fabulous dream catchers and asking me if I liked them, then told me how much the lady wanted for them (it was a steal). She found them on FB Marketplace and knowing that I had made a few of them back in the day, knew I'd be able to tell her if the price was good. I told her to jump on it! Obviously, she did and here are the pictures she sent me one night later - her bedroom is her sanctuary and this wall of dream catchers makes it look amazing! I can't wait to see it next weekend! Here's the first picture she sent me.
Credits: rjefferies-M3-sept18-miscpp-add-11; rjefferies-sacredtimeforourselves-wordbit02, wordbit03; FJ-COTTAGE-CHIC-EL-BANNER-DOILY5; etc_dan_gentlerain_border.
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