Be Our Guest
Vrielinkie, Jan 25, 2019
Photos from the IKEA website, we still have to put the couch together :giggle

"Most of our family & friends live far away. Wheneever they come to visit, they stay over. So having a guest bedroom was a must when we started looking for a house a few years ago. When we found it we had the chance to buy the old owners’ folding couch. We kept it for 3 years but now it is faded, it creaks a lot and its not very comfortable to sleep on it anymore. So last week we decided to buy a new one. We scoured the IKEA website for hours and then finally found this awesome sleeping couch and fell in love. And it came in our favorite color too: orange! So now, when people come to stay, they will be able to sleep comfortably. And when we don’t have any guests we will use it as a couch and store the blankets and pillows. As this room also has a tv, I expect it will definitely be a spare sitting room upstairs too."


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