Autumn Diary

Autumn Diary
jam-on-toast, Jun 8, 2022
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Easy Peasy Traveler's Notebook No 3

Journaling reads:
I got up at 3:30 today and went to wake the kids up - the upside of school online is that we can travel during school time, but there's a catch - the time difference means their lessons start 3:50 am these days. Lol... Having accomplished this 'no biggie as we've done this before' task (their words verbatim) I sat down with my cup of coffee and... started planing my outfit for a quick shopping trip with my mom later in the afternoon. Nothing fancy, but since we live in the land of eternal summer, it's fun to wear sweaters and boots and coats... Gosh, I really miss seasons... even wearing socks... who'd have thought...
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