Katherine B

AMAZING things

AMAZING things
Katherine B, Dec 8, 2018
"AMAZING things"
for Rachel Jefferies

My youngest daughter, Brookelynn Amanda doing AMAZING things hooping.
SIX Guiness World Records (all for hula hooping).
Appeared on MTV's AMAZINGNESS with Rob Dyrdek.
Appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden (Stage 56 Bar Tricks).
Commercials with Advil, Kmart, Oreo, and Liberty Bank.
142K+ Instagram followers.
and so much more.

So proud of her.

Photo credit: Michael Witty for GWR.

Supplies used: BYOC Eucalyptus: Mixed Media Kit
BYOC Eucalyptus: Mixed Media Artistry
BYOC Eucalyptus: Mixed Media Paperie
BYOC Eucalyptus: Impasto
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