African Violet

African Violet
LovelyMissKait, May 8, 2022
As the recipient of the twist exception, I skipped item #5 the journaling.

With the exception of the template, lace, and button, everything is from the mini kits provided in the blog hop Love Starts Here (home).
-Template: SwL-MBC-4_18
-Green flower and home stamp by Lynn Grieveson-Home mini kit
-Floral pocket card(recolored) by A. Pennington - Home mini kit
-Stitches: K Aagard - Home mini kit
-Blue floral paper: FJ-Home mini kit
-Stripped paper" K. AAgard-Home mini kit
-Blue dotted paper: Kim Jensen-HomeMini kit
-Splatter: NBK - Home mini kit
-White paper (recolored from pink to white) by Lynne Marie-LSH-Home
-button-Glee-YouBeautiful Soul mini kit
-Lace: BTC-Peach Bellini Sampler kit
-Font: Flamingo-OT; Georgia