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For as long as I can remember I have loved shopping.. I love the process of coordinating things and finding the perfect item.... Once bought, I couldn't care less... I can always find a way to justify, a purchase when I am shopping, and that is where I get my satisfaction.. once home the bags tend to pile up.. unopened and forgotten!! Not sure that has always been the case, but that is where it has ended up... sort of like a cat catching a small animal... once it is dead, it is of no further interest...

I learned to be frugal at an early age, finding bargains, is a big part of this.. I can tell you who has the best price for most anything... and then there is the tendency to buy more than one, in case you might need it in the future... this goes for shoes as well as food. A big part of my process also..

Then there is the part, where I save things..!!!. Never using them until they spoil and have to be thrown out...

In the past few years, age and arrival of covid in the world have both played into it, I have been attempting to purge... and have really been analyzing my spending habits... I am VERY aware, of what all is wrong and why I react the way I do... totally cognizant ...

I do not think I am a Hoarder, but I am close... People always say oh, you have so much “”stuff””... I consider it decor, and I am very careful, to arrange things nicely, and not overcrowd... a Minimalist I am not, and never will be...Minimalism is cold and stark.. People say my home is warm and cozy... I like that...

I could go on forever with tales about this... My father in law always said, my babies were going to be born in the car, or store!!! My Mother in law was my shopping companion for many years...

So as I approach the last years of my life, I am trying hard to clear out as much as I can.. which is hard... I do take some of Marie Kondo to heart... She would be proud of my sock drawer..! and the fact that I donated a large box full to the women’s refuge.

A couple of months ago, I decided to take the bull by the horns and totally stop shopping... the first time I went to TJ Maxx after that, was pure torture... I actually felt a physical pain..! No, I could not put everything I liked in the cart I had to have a real “need” for it !!! that day really stands out in my memory!!! but I am progressing ,and i am finding now, much to my surprise, that I have virtually NO interest in shopping any longer.. I go to a store and head right to the item I am there for... usually... I was given Gift Certificates to TJ Maxx and Ross, for Christmas and everyone had big sales... I have not used them at all yet...

The store that is featured here, is a new one , in our newly revitalized downtown... They have consignment upscale clothing , and I actually consign things there... it is filled with small craft vendors selling their wares... a fun place to look, but no reason to buy... If I was a tourist , it would be different....

Back the end of November, first of Dec., they had a day where each vendor talked about what she sells and how her things are made... one lady made purses out of cork material.... I had no idea there even was such a thing.!. Her bags were beautifully crafted and way more money than I had ever spent on a purse, so of little real interest until one, day there was the perfect little black bag. I just could not bring myself to pay the price... wore it around the store for quite awhile before putting it back... Over that weekend, I came into some unexpected money and I thought to myself, I could go buy that bag.. Did not go out on Monday and when I went on Tuesday, it was gone... sold the day before!!! I asked i fshe could make me one? and it was agreed she could, so I ended up having her custom make one for me.. it is a bit different, but I think I like it... Just picked it up last night... thus the image of a purse... I am a work in progress!!!!! January 14, 2023
    • Laura ODonnell
      I can identify with so much of this. It really is a one day at a time type thing. Page is very effective with the blends and torn paper. Love it!
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