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MOC 6 : day 17 : User Name
(which I didn't count the words but something tells me there are "a bit more" than 150!!! :giggle Mrs Peel is in the tittle and mentioned a few times in the journaling :) which reads:
I had another nickname for a few years, but telling that story also will make this a 600 pages book, so, lets go with the Mrs Peel, which is actually the one I identify and have been using for 8 years now. I goes a long,very long way back to the 60s, I must have been something between 8 and 10 or 11 years old. There were two TV programs(black and white until I was 11!!!) on Tuesday evenings, one started at 9pm- a soap followed at 10pm by the one I was crazy about, this show called The Avengers, a pair of British spies , they were both stylish, elegant, with that posh, composed -non emotional British way, and she would wear the most amazing clothes, leather jump suits and no matter how hard she fought, run or jumped over walls, that awesome hair would go rapidly back into gorgeous stylish shape! There was a little problem: I wasn’t allowed to watch either as it was a school day, no matter how much I cried or promise doing extra chores but they were firm. No TV on Tuesday nights. I found a way to “be a bit poorly” ill with pain here or there,remember plotting with friends about what could be done to make the thermometer go up so it would show we had a fever so no school next day! I got away a few times, then I found an accomplice in my maternal Grandma who would have me over night at her house and would allow me to watch, she would even watch it with me!!! I didn’t really know then about the differences between British and North American. Of course I learned geography in school about then, most of these programs were doubled, so, we knew they were some other country, the voice overs were appalling but I only knew this some years
down the line!) I never ever imagined I would make UK my home. The story of how I came to be here is long, adapt was hard but after a few years, I started having epiphanies (I think that is the correct word?) and seeing how my ending up in England was practically written in the stars…!!!! Discovering that so many of the things I adored in childhood and adolescence were British
was an amazing journey, and then MrsPeel made total sense. Still there was a bit of a problem in online British places: there were MrsPeel’s galore, I didn't want to add a number, I ended up using something else at first. When started to scrap most places are USA based so the user name was available!!!! So happy to be MrsPeel, this wicked lady spy who dresses wonderfully & has an amazing sense of humor! If interested, You Tube is FULL of clips of The Avengers (even though when you google these days it comes up the Marvel’s movies, or, even worse…the version made a few years ago with Uma Turman and can’t remember who (Ralph Fiennes?) no disrespect to the actors, I actually like both, but there is no other Mrs Peel than Diana Rigg!!! You may know her if you watch Game of Thrones. So this is the story of this user name that is with me now almost everywhere!!! Another crazy fact? Emma Peel is a government law enforcer/spy, and I ended up working for the UK's
government in law enforcement!!! The 60;s black & white series intro was a chess board it was great for that era, and then when it went color in 1967 was even more awesome!!! I think even these days the series have a following, and seeing the super cool things they were able to do without CGI or the technology available now is awesome!!!! They were also pioneers as they feature a sci fi version of the mobile phone and texting & other devices

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    • dawninskip
      You're the perfect Mrs Peel - love your story & page Cyn <3
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    • Tree City
      LOVE this, my friend! And it's so good to see one of your pages in the gallery. :beat
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    • ashleywb
      Love this!! First of all you are a master of design. This page is a nod to the 60's and super chic spy girl all at once. The spiral is awesome! Secondly, I really loved reading your story. I have always wondered about your username and it is perfect!
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    • silent ranks
      What a fantastic story. I love the 60's, Austin Powers, feel to the LO.
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    • Mylinn
      OMG, I've watched reruns of that show and never connected her with your name, lol. Love love this - from the swirl in the back to your wire frame title! Thanks for letting us know the scoop. :)
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    • KittyY
      holy moly guacamole! This is fantastic!!! The design and the journaling (wow!) I'm SO IMPRESSED!
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    • MrsPeel
      OMG my dear dear girls!!!!!!! THANK YOU so so much for your words!!!!!!!!! you know how much I admire you all, some of you talk ob regular basis and you know me quiet well, you know how full my heart is right now... So blessed to be part of the Pad's family and to have these awesome words!!!!!! @dawninskip @Tree City @ashleywb
      @silent ranks @Mylinn @KittyY :heartlub:heartlub:heartlub
    • bestcee
      Love the story! I adore how you related to MrsPeel and use it. And your grandmother rocks! I love the 1960's feel to the layout! And yes, I'm sure you are over 150 words! Thanks for sharing!
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    • MrsPeel
      @bestcee I have to admit, until I read your challenge, I was going to pass on making pages for MOC...but after I saw was like..destiny!!! love making pages about it because either very young people or countries where isn't showing anymore don't know!!!! <3
    • flowersgal
      This literally leaps (after all you wouldn't just stroll) out of the gallery at me -- first the yummy greens on that dark background, then the swirl taking my eye into the layout, then the pops of red. Wow -- just terrific. And, thanks for writing out your journaling here as these older eyes have trouble with reading from a layout. Interesting story. We love you, Cynthia and also your Mrs. Peel persona!
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