AnneofAlamo, Jan 5, 2018
if the elements with people on it are wrong, I shall remove post-haste with less frightening ones! bhahahwha
OUr Creeper van (nickname) 15 passenger van is no longer needed. Our family is shrinking in the household. We are in a mini van now! wow
Gas bill almost in half! woot
credits in order of appearance:
Forever Joy-This is Scary, Road Tested
Pink Reptile Designs-Noted black alpha
and background paper from Check out My Ride
Kristin Aagard-Gizmos and Gadgets
One LIttle Bird-Memory Collector (frame)
Kaye Winiecki - Bootiful Night, my hero (retired)
Paula Kesselring - HOme
Kaye Hadfield-Pole position
Kim Jensen Brushed Kraft
Font: Sex Pistols except for T's (they are too tiny) they are STENCIL std