SharLamb, May 6, 2019
Almost every element is from the current Blog Hop, and 90% of the layout was done on my iPad with Procreate. I moved it to Photoshop to make it easier to add shadows, strokes, text, and the arrow.
Plain Paper: Kim Jensen-paper-white (recolored)
Print Papers:
bbonneville-papers 1 and 3
Transfer: justjaimee BlogHop-3
Scatters: nbk-confetti
etc_danielle_Bloom_Blog Hop
Eight items:
1. Kim Jensen-cord-sage (recolored)
2. Kim Jensen powder blue cord (recolored)
3. sgleason_bow
4. sc_label 3
5. prd_bloom_string
6. prd_button-b&w
7. sc_bloomandgrow_label3
8. Arrow is from the PS Shape Tool
Photo by my DD, Zanna Boucher
Fonts: 1942 Report and 4990810