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artCrush No32 {options}

artCrush No32 {options}

by NBK Design

artCrush No32 {options}
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Artcrush #32 is filled with happy retro inspired florals and cute animals in a rich colour palette that includes soft sunshine yellow, teal, turquoise, baby pink, mint green, and gorgeous blues. It’s beautiful and nostalgic and yet versatile enough to be used for everyday memory planning and goal setting. The overall message is one of hope and positivity, it’s something you can use over and over again no matter the season of life that you’re currently in. I adore the messy stitched out of grid templates (that also come in a plain and clean version) which you can layer some simply taped frames to, or simply add some pretty papers and photos and call it done. A wonderful lucky packet filled treasure trove. Let’s dig in.

  1. All in One Bundle. All packs of this collection in one money saving Bundle
  2. Artsybits & Papers Kit, Arsy Bits Pack, Paper Mix 
  3. Artsy Bits & Pieces, 26 artsy Bits and Pieces, png, 18 Gesso Pieces, png, 12 Word arts, png, Magiclights, Foliage, Inks, Flowers, Roses, Stickers, Frames
  4. Paper-Mix, each 9 Letter Papers, 8,5x11", pattern Papers, 12x12", solid Papers 12x12", jpg
  5. Simple Frames, 11 simple Frames with Tapes or bits added, png
  6. Cards & Bits, 12 Cards + Fillercards, 3x4"/3x3", jpg, 9 Stickers, png, 31 labels, png, 12 Flairs
  7. Out of the Grid | 6 Designs 8,5x11" (Letter Size) - PSD/PNG/PAGE Files
  8. Out of the Grid | 6 Designs  12x12" (Scrapbook Page) - PSD/PNG/PAGE Files

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About This Collection:

Personal Use and S4O (Scrap for Family and Friends)

Please read my full terms of use and enlarge the preview for detailed images. All files are created at 300 dpi. Papers are 12x12 jpg. Elements are stored in individual files in png format. Please Note that it is possible that, for example layout elements can "Word Art" and/or use templates that are not included with this product also that previews can contain photos they are also not included in this product.