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Pipit sat upright in her chair
Some distance from where I was sitting;
Views of the Oxford Colleges
Lay on the table, with the knitting.

Daguerreotypes and silhouettes,
Her grandfather and great great aunts,
Supported on the mantelpiece
An Invitation to the Dance.

-T.S. Eliot 

Pipit's dress is made from the pages of a vintage book. . . torn, pleated and chalked (for a unique ensemble to say the least).

6 ea. Assorted Pipits, 7 ea. Papers, Pipit Collage, Rose, Vintage Flower, Word Art, Arrow, Gathered Crepe Paper Elements, Crown, Twig, Rain Cloud, House, 15 ea. Background Texture Elements, 7 ea. Ass't Circles, Lace Overlay, Watercolor Drips, Vintage Writing Spots, Birds, Swirls, Staples, Stick Pins, Key, Lock, Heart, Tapes, Torn Paper, Paper Edges, Vintage Ink Images. 

Total Elements: 101 ea.

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