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Our digital scrapbook products include digital scrapbooking kits, papers, element packs, journal cards, templates and more. Our high-quality 300 dpi products are innovative and creative. Many of our products are perfect for hybrid scrapbooking and paper crafting, too.  All of our digital scrapbooking products are available immediately via Instant Digital Download. No physical product will be shipped to you. 

On the first Friday of every month, check out our amazing Build Your Own Collection, (BYOC) - a mix-and-match set of products that allow you to put together your own kit!  New Products are released every Friday and are 20% off through the weekend; Wednesdays we feature Something Old, Something New (SOSN) when select new and old products are 50% off all day!  If you need assistance, please contact us.

Flower Power - Vol. 6 (CU) by Joyce Paul

Flower Power - Vol. 6 (CU) by Joyce Paul

Flower Power - Vol. 6 (CU) by Joyce Paul

- 10 Flowers in .PNG format (300 dpi)


We Are All Mad Here BUNDLE

We Are All Mad Here BUNDLE

This collection has been thoughtfully developed as part of the BYOC for June 2024, drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll's enchanting "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Featuring figures inspired by Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations, each piece has been artistically modified or newly created by me to bring a contemporary twist to this captivating story.

Dive into a world of imagination with our comprehensive range of products including brushes, papers, elements, and an alphabet, all inspired by the classic tale.

Each item in this collection has been designed to evoke the whimsy and wonder of Alice's journey through Wonderland, making it perfect for fans of the book and creative spirits alike.

Whether you're crafting digital art, designing scrapbooks, or looking for unique decorative elements, this collection offers everything you need to bring a touch of magic and nostalgia to your projects. Explore the whimsical designs, rich textures, and unique artwork inspired by one of literature’s most beloved adventures.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own these enchanting designs. Step into the magical world of Wonderland with our latest collection and let your creativity run wild!

Some of these images are Public Domain - refers to creative works that are no longer covered by copyright.
The text and images from the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" have been in the public domain for many years, as they were originally published in 1865.
The author, Lewis Carroll, and the illustrator, Sir John Tenniel, have both passed away long enough ago that their works are freely available for public use.

However, it's important to note that the original images from this book have been modified and worked on with pencil for this specific collection.
As such, the images in this collection are not public domain and cannot be resold or used commercially as if they were original to the purchasers.
The only permitted use of these modified images is for personal use.
Therefore, while the text and illustrations from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" can be used by any independent producer without legal restriction, the modified versions in this collection are restricted to personal use only.



  • 60 Images in .png and .abr format.
  • 32 Papers in .jpeg format
  • 136 Elements in .png format

Personal Use © Paula Kesselring


  • All Products are created at 300 dpi for better print results.
  • All Products are designed for Personal Use ONLYSee the TOU of use for more information.
  • Images are saved in .PNG and/or .ABR format.
  • Templates are saved in .TIFF, .PNG and .PSD format.
  • Papers are saved in .JPEG
  • Some Creative Team pages in the detailed images may contain elements NOT INCLUDED in this kit, please check the detailed description of what is included.

$10.00 HALF PRICE!

Outdoor Adventures | Ocean + Sea by paislee press

Outdoor Adventures | Ocean + Sea by paislee press

Outdoor Adventures | Ocean + Sea
digital stamps and frames by paislee press

This set features a hand lettered sentiment and photo frames. Wordart provided as a high resolution PNG file. Photo frames are provided as PNG files and layered PSD files.

Please read: This set was originally made available during the TLP Snapshots Blog Hop (April 25 - May 2, 2024) . Please check your stash before purchasing!


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Sunnyside | Mini Collection

Sunnyside | Mini Collection

Sunnyside | Mini Collection

by Dunia Designs


This pack includes:

• 35 unique elements (48 total)

• 8 (12x12) Unique Patterned Papers (4 variations)

• 10 (12x12) Solid Papers

• 6 Cards (3x4)


Everything is created at 300 dpi and saved as JPG / PNG files

Contact with Dunia Designs: Facebook • Newsletter • Instagram


Shaded Stories No 1 | Ivory Elegance

Shaded Stories No 1 | Ivory Elegance

Shaded Stories” is a series of mini kits that delves into the artistic possibilities of color, with each kit exploring the multifaceted nature of a single hue. By offering a curated spectrum of shades, textures, and embellishments, this series provides a cohesive and immersive creative experience. Designed to inspire and elevate your scrapbooking, “Shaded Stories” invites you to explore the subtle variations and harmonious combinations that come from working within a single color family. This approach simplifies color coordination, ensuring your projects have a unified and sophisticated look, enhancing both creativity and consistency in your layouts.
Ivory Elegance brings together the warmth of ivory and neutral beige tones to offer a sophisticated, versatile palette that exudes timeless beauty and refined charm. Designed to highlight life’s most cherished moments, this kit is ideal for a range of themes, from wedding albums and anniversaries to intimate family gatherings. Featuring delicate lace textures, subtle floral motifs, and finely detailed embellishments, it seamlessly blends into your designs, providing a harmonious backdrop that enhances your storytelling.
Use this kit to add a layer of sophistication to your scrapbook pages, capturing the essence of special moments with clarity and style. Create layouts that radiate timeless beauty and refined charm, whether preserving bridal memories, celebrating milestone occasions, or adding a touch of grace to everyday projects.
What you will get when you buy the 'Shaded Stories No 1' Kit:
  • 9 papers, JPG files 12x12 in;
  • 41 elements, PNG files, including: 1 branch, 2 buttons, 6 flowers, 4 botanical stamps, 2 pieces of foliage, 1 frame, 1 key, 1 lock, 2 lace stamps, 2 leaves, 4 photo masks (or use as paint), 1 photo, 7 word strips, 1 ribbon, 1 tag, 4 decorative titles, 1 wax seal.

All products are created at 300 DPI and are for personal use only, unless otherwise specified. Please see my TOU for full terms. 
Layouts featured by the creative team may show other items not included in this pack. Drop shadows in the preview are for display purposes only. 



The Mystical Forest

The Mystical Forest

Come to the woods, for here is rest.
There is no repose like that of the green deep woods.

Here grow the wallflower and the violet.
The squirrel will come and sit upon your knee,the logcock will wake you in the morning.
Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill.

- John Muir

Ancient forests have a way of capturing the imagination. Dark, mysterious, and hauntingly beautiful, they evoke images of mythical creatures and eerie characters. These are realms of magic and danger, where strange events unfold, and unusual beings reside—the homes of monsters, witches, and fairies. The Mystical Forest collection helps you craft your own enchanted forest tales. Use it to document wondrous photos from woodland walks and forest adventures, or to create magical themed scrapbooks, fairy tale-inspired journals, and whimsical art projects. Luscious greens, muted pinks, woody browns, and shades of gold will bring your creations to life. Fairies, flowers, forest creatures, and magical forest-themed word art will transport you back into the woods, no matter where you are.



  1. The Complete Collection: a total of 146 pcs;
  2. Kit: a total of 117 pcs;
  3. Mixed Media Elements: 91 PNG files (*);
  4. Solid Papers: 16 JPG files, 12x12 in;
  5. Patterned And Artsy Papers: 10 JPG files, 12x12 in;
  6. Vintage Fairies: 6 PNG files;
  7. Vintage Typography: 10 PNG files and 1 ABR file;
  8. Printable Quotes And Poems: 13 PNG files and 3 printable sheets (**).

(*) 91 individual PNG files, including 3 acorns, 1 arrow, 2 berries, 3 brads, 2 branches, 2 butterflies, 3 buttons, 2 fairy cards, 1 deer, 1 dragonfly, 1 fairy, 1 feather, 11 flowers, 6 pcs of foliage, 3 frames, 1 vintage frogs scene, 1 hummingbird, 1 lantern, with and without light, light, 1 medallion, with and without fox, 2 mushrooms, 1 note flag, 1 vintage owl, 6 paint splats, 1 snail shell, 9 various stamps, 3 strings, 2 swirls, 1 wooden tag, 2 transfers, 1 treestomp, 3 pcs of word art, 10 wordstrips. 

(**) 13 PNG files, including 12 labels with poems and quotes from classic literature, 1 blank label and 3 printable letter size sheets in JPG and PDF. 

All products are created at 300 DPI and are for personal use only, unless otherwise specified. Scrap for Hire and Scrap for Others is also permitted. Please see my TOU for full terms. 
Layouts featured by the creative team may show other items not included in this pack. Drop shadows in the preview are for display purposes only. 




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