The Pocket Planner 12 x 12

The Pocket Planner 12 x 12

The Pocket Planner 12 x 12
This Keynote theme was designed in Keynote 5.3 and Requires OS X 10.7.4 or later.

Planning for pocket style scrapping just got easier!

If you are anything like me, seeing a full page spread before sending something off to be printed is a necessity. Keynote is as easy as dropping the image you want into the placeholder over and over until you have everything in place. Once you finish printing your cards you can reference the guide you made yourself to make sure everything goes into it's place.

Templates are available for popular layout designs both as individual pages and as double page spreads. They can be used for planning or 12 x 12 layouts, but should not be used for printing of individual cards as proportions have been scaled.

To install the Theme simply double click on it to open in Keynote. Once open, click File > Save as Theme. Give it a title that will make sense to you and choose the default location to save it in. Once saved, you are ready to get started! Next time you are wanting to work with a fresh template, you will open Keynote, choose a new one from a template, and it should be in the bottom of the list.

In the top toolbar, select masters to change the page to your desired template. Open up a window that has the photos or cards you wish to use and then drag and drop, the image will fill the space entirely. If you place something in the wrong spot, simply place something over it. Included are also the cards used to create the template if you want to place those back in for whatever reason.

Downloads include:
1 Keynote Theme for Pocket Planning
5 .JPG cards used to create the templates
43 .JPGs of each template created

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