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Sonnet 42 [Willoby and Closet]

Sonnet 42 [Willoby and Closet]

by Rebecca McMeen

Sonnet 42
A light exists in Spring
That science can’t explain
But our soul within feels.
That light upon the lawn,
It shows the furthest tree
Upon the furthest hill
Where the daisy blooms
Amid the grassy knolls.
Sonnet 42 Willowby & Closet Includes:
6 x Versions of Willowby, 20 x Patterned Tops, 26 x Patterned Jumpers, 18 x Underskirts, 13 x Cotton Pants, 6 x Bodice Collages, 6 x Hair Collages, Flower Hat, 31 x Head Ties, 19 x Shoe Styles, 14 x Solid Tops, 4 x Boho Dresses, 3 x Pleated Shirts, 4 x Glasses, 17 x Velvet Bows, 4 x Baseball Caps, Backpack, Camera, Binoculars, 6 x Large Hair Collages, Flower Hat, 4 x Large Bodice Collages. 


Layouts may contain products from the entire Sonnet 42 collection and/or the BYOC April 18 Collection from The Lily Pad