Easter Enamel Pins

Easter Enamel Pins

Easter Enamel Pins
Those Ester Enamel Pins are perfect for adding a special touch to your layouts!
"Pins seem to be something you either own none of or own way too many of. Their collectible nature lends itself to fanaticism.
You can find any kind of fan online, but we were surprised at the level of enthusiasm in the lapel pin community. They really love pins! And it’s easy to see why!
Pins used to serve a more practical purpose. A small icon fixed to a lapel simply indicated an affiliation with a certain organization or cause, whether that was a political stance, a sports team, or just your middle school Mathlete status. They date back to the Civil War era, then signified government awards or merits, and then came to be used by political and social groups. For example, in the '60s and '70s, Mao pins became symbols of the Communist party in China, and the American flag lapel pin was popularized worldwide as a symbol of solidarity following 9/11. In the 1950s, "pinning" signified a couple reaching the seriousness milestone between going steady and actually being engaged. Even these days, college Greek culture uses pins in a similar manner; a fraternity member can "pin" his significant other as a pre-engagement offering.
More recently, though, enamel pins are more a reflection of pop-culture memes. Pins are an everyday accessory — they're an accessible, affordable item that speaks to your personality, interests, and browser tabs."
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Personal Use:
They are created for high printable quality at 300 dpi and saved as .png files.
All of my designs are Scrap-4-Hire friendly !

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