Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods | Kim Jensen

A little quirky and loads of fun, Damaged Goods is full of unique elements perfect for adding character to a wide variety of layouts. All items scanned/photographed and extracted by me.

  • plastic doll arm - 3 views
  • plastic jointed doll hand - 2 views
  • broken plastic doll hanger
  • broken balloon
  • toy slide reel with mixture of in tact, partially dislodged, and completely dislodged film pieces
  • partially pulled out audio cassette tape - with and without shadow
  • broken CD (3 pieces on single sheet, only one part on preview) - with and without shadow
  • CD case base and separate lid - each with and without shadow
  • 2 different arrangements of broken unwrapped crayon pieces
  • 4 individual broken wrapped crayons - blue, green, orange, and purple, each unique (not all shown)
  • short chewed, eraserless, pointless pencil - 3 views (in tact, bent, broken)
  • 2 "FRAGILE handle with care" stickers - one curled, the other torn and slightly curled - each with and without shadow
  • scratched "PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE - GLASS" sticker
  • 2 different torn sticker remnants - each with and without shadow
  • smashed bottlecap
  • broken dry pin oak leaf
  • very tattered, wrinkled, and creased sheet of laundered spiral notebook paper - some areas semi-transparent
  • 2 bicycle reflectors - cracked, smashed
  • pink semi-transparent glittery sunglasses with broken bow - with pink shadow, dark shadow, and no shadow
  • blue satin wrinkled, twisted ribbon - with and without shadow
  • red velvet wrinkled, twisted ribbon - with and without shadow
  • 2 broken buttons
  • short yellow zipper with missing teeth - partially open, shown from back

37 items in all, not including shadowed versions.

Created at 300 ppi. No drop shadows except as noted above.

Previously sold elsewhere. Please check your stash before purchasing.

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