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Allison Pennington - Limited Professional Use License

Allison Pennington - Limited Professional Use License

by Allison Pennington

*PROFESSIONAL USE LICENSES DO NOT COVER COMMERCIAL USE - THIS LICENSE IS NOT FOR CREATING SCRAPBOOK DESIGNS FOR FREE OR FOR SALE. *This price DOES NOT include the price of the actual product - you must also purchase the product.

*Please choose either the Single Product or the 12 Month license from the dropdown menu below. *For the Single Product license you must purchase a separate license for each product that you plan to use in your business.

Single Product License: Please choose the number of licenses you would like to purchase in the shopping cart. In the comments section please note the product/s you are purchasing the license/s for.

12 Months License: This license is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and covers all purchases of Allison Pennington products (with the exclusion of collaborations with other designers) within those 12 months. After the 12 month period is up you will need to repurchase if you plan to continue purchasing products for Limited Professional use.

Limited Professional Use:

• You may create cards, announcements, invitations, layouts, and similar for your clients ONLY if they only receive the finished, final product in a flattened format. This excludes any layered file: psd, tiff, quick page style layouts, etc. There must be no transparent portion for adding photos.

•  You may use samples created with products under this license in your online gallery or portfolio provided credit is given to Allison Pennington.

•  You may use the licensed products in your web design projects for clients, HOWEVER, if purchasing a single product license a separate Limited Professional Use License must be purchased for each site where the graphics are used. Credits must also be given on the website (“Graphics created by Allison Pennington at”). Additionally, you may NOT create web design or blog templates with any of these products. No exceptions. No layered files can be given to the client.

•  You may use the licensed products for blog design where the finished design is supplied in 72dpi only in flattened formats only.  I allow my products to be used on your personal non-profit blogs without the purchase of an additional license. I do require, though, that you credit me on any blog where you display my designs (show me! I love to see these things!)

• You may use the licensed products for small time craft endeavors where the licensed designs are used in small run hand made products and sold at local craft fairs or similar. 

Under the terms of this agreement, you MAY NOT:

• You may NOT use my designs to make scrapbook products (including but not limited to kits, papers, elements, templates, quick pages, previews, web or blog graphics, promotional materials) for sale or as freebies, this is a Limited Professional Use agreement only. 

• You may not print any of my designs and offer them for sale in printed formats.

• You may not use my designs to create quickpages, printable, or hybrid items (calendars, cards, etc) to be sold as downloadable files.

• You may not distribute these products in any format except for the uses defined above. You also can't share them on file sharing sites or with your friends. The purchases license/s covers you and only you.

• You may not use this product to mass produce any product for sale. The sale of any derivative digital products created from any or all images purchased under this license is limited to runs of 250 or less. 

• You may not produce projects for mass distribution. This license allows for *small business use only*

• You may not claim these graphics as your own, either in their original state or in an altered state. Credit must always be given to the designer - Allison Pennington @ The Lilypad.

• All products created by Allison Pennington are copyrighted by Allison Pennington with all rights reserved.

For any other use please contact me at for further licensing agreements or questions.