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    1. things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
      • items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

    One thing to think about as the season approaches, capturing your 2020 December can be enhanced by saving some of the little tid bits you won't typically keep after the month rolls by. You know, those receipts, handwritten shopping lists, playlist, menus, recipes, gift tags, Christmas cards, invitations (well, maybe less common this year), gift wrap or ribbon, kids' artwork, etc. all of these can serve to better capture and personalize the here and now of your full holiday swing. Have you ever come across Grandma's writing on the back of a photo and become nostalgic for example, remembering about her and the birthday cards she sent you with a dollar bill for each year? Someday your kids and grand kids will feel that about your quick little notes. Consider adding them to your DYD pages, even if that means trimming, photographing, or scanning at reduced size. They can be layered on top of designer ephemera elements, for example these for sale from year's past (see below). You can alternatively cut your ephemera to be photo frames/mats. They can serve as borders or cut and strung into banners.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Every year I buy a new batch of wrap to keep a cohesive look for family gifts. I use up last year's wrap on single presents, for example a friend, teacher, or neighbor. It could be nice to see the wrap collection of the year as little blocks in that year's DYD album. The possibilities are up to you! Remember the goal is to document YOUR December and spark memories of 2020 in years to come.

    Here are some examples I found in the gallery. Although many of these are digitally done, they serve as great examples of how to incorporate your own pieces for added meaning. Layouts below are linked to galleries in case you want to know product credits.

    klee73010 photographed family lists preserving a child's writing at the time, which is so precious!

    I love how mcurtt used the store logo on her page! While it may not seem important now, someday this will be vintage!

    Another fantastic example of this by AnneofAlamo!

    The trim and flower on this page by londoncuppa is fantastically festive!

    tkradke perfectly documented new ornaments with a flat lay photo. Knowing the backstory of the ornaments will only make them more beloved in years to come.

    Sucali uses a gorgeous stitched banner here as a backdrop to a single photo. This could be done with greeting card pieces, wrapping paper, tags etc. It can be sewn or stitched, threaded onto ribbon or string.

    Justagirl brilliantly layered a stack of cards and papers as a photo mat. The torn edge is also an idea for pretty bits.

    I love how AnotherAmanda used tags over her photo here. These could be fussy cut pieces from Christmas cards received or tags etc. The border paper here could also be made with the wrapping paper you use that year.
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