Take a LEAP with Farrah! | Q&A Chat Sunday Nov 1 @ 11am EST/8am PST

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    Lessons on Everything About Page-Design, or LEAP, will help you grow as a scrapper by improving your skills and nudge you out of your routine. Each month Farrah will hold two Q&A sessions on specific topics and then a Technique Slow Scrap. Times and days will fluctuate to allow people from different time zones to participate.

    For help with time zones see HERE

    FYI also this month, check out these LEAP events with Farrah:
    Nov 9 (Mon) @ 3pm EST/noon PST - Q&A Chat - B&W photo conversion
    Host: Farrah

    Nov 18 (Wed) @ 9pm EST/6pm PST - Q&A Technique Slow Scrap - scrapping with a dark background
    Host: Farrah
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    Oh! Yay! I can't chat Sundays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays during the day anymore, because of my new job. But I can make it to the Nov 9 and 18 chats!
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